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Create Outlook Search Folders based on topic??

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Create Outlook Search Folders based on topic??

Postby f00fighter » Wed Mar 22, 2006 3:33 pm

One of the reservations I have with installing and using ClearContext in my copy of Outlook 2003 is that it physically moves messages from my Inbox & Sent Items folders into new folders (based on the assigned topic) under the ClearContext Topics folder. I hate having my Inbox manipulated and would prefer that ClearContext take advantage of the Search Folders functionality in Outlook 2003 instead.

Have you guys ever considered an option to add/create Search Folders to Outlook when you select File Msg and/or File Thread instead of actually moving the messages from the Sent Items and Inbox folders into seperate folders under the ClearContext Topics folder?

This would allow you to maintain the default structure and location of your e-mails (Sent Items still contains items you have sent, and your Inbox still contains items that you have received) but also allow you to see both sent & received e-mail messages in a single Search Folder view.

What I envision is having the ability to assign a topic to a message or thread as usual using ClearContext, but when I click File Msg or File Thread ClearContext would leave the sent & received messages right where they are, and instead create a new Search Folder in Outlook that is filtered to look at the ClearContext Topic metadata instead of physically moving the messages into new folders.

This seems like a much more powerful way to manage your inbox while maintaining the default "structural integrity" of Outlook. This would also simplify the removal of ClearContext since all the mail messages would remain right where they always were...all ClearContext would do is remove the Search Folders that it created.

I was doing something very similar (but very manual) using the built-in "Category" function of Outlook in conjunction with manually created Search Folders filtered on the different Categories that I created. This was working well for me, but ClearContext could make my life 100% easier if, in addition to assigning topics to messages (or entire threads), it could also automatically create Search Folders based on my topics instead of moving the actual messages from their default locations.

ClearContext would basically do everything it does now...but instead of moving messages based on topic from my Sent Items and Inbox into ClearContext Topic folders, it would just create a new Search Folder based on the ClearContext topic that I assigned.

What do you think??
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Postby brad » Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:03 pm

FYI - we'd like to support search folders in some fashion but there are some technical limitations at this time that make it difficult. We have seen performance problems with just a moderate number of search folders, especially in Exchange environments. Many of our customers have a fairly large hiearchy of Topics - our concern is that performance would degrade if we created too many search folders. We see standard folders being the primary organizational method for some time to come, though we will continue to investigate our altrenatives in coming releases.
Brad Meador
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Postby f00fighter » Thu Mar 23, 2006 2:29 pm

I'm glad to hear that it is at least under consideration! Thanks for the reply Brad!
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