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Deferred message not showing on date

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Deferred message not showing on date

Postby ddejonghe » Sat May 06, 2006 1:43 am

I like the defer button, however the message that are storde in the defered folders do not show up on the day I have defered them to. What can be wrong?

Dominique Dejonghe
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Postby brad » Sat May 06, 2006 10:58 am

Deferred messages re-appear, unread, with the same date that they were originally sent. Are you sure that the message is not being moved out of the deferred folder? To confirm, Defer a message for one minute - does it re-appear?

If not, please send additional informatiion about your environment:
1. What version of Windows are you running?
2. What version of Outlook are you running? Have you installed the latest service packs?
3. How do you access your email? (Exchange? POP?)
4. If Exchange, does the error occur while online, offline, or in cached exchange mode?
5. Do you access the same mail file from multiple computers? Do you use a PDA to access your mail file?
6. What additional add-ins do you have installed that access your mail file? Include anti-spam protection, desktop search tools, encryption products, etc..

Once you send me the answers to these questions I can try to duplicate in our labs here.
Brad Meador
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Re: Deferred message not showing on date

Postby abarbee314 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:19 pm


This was the closest post to my issue and I imagine I already know the answer. We have a partner at our Firm that has Clear Context and he receives an enormous amount of email daily (possibly close to 1000 or more). I "sold" him on the concept of the defer button but I don't think it is working the way I assumed it would.

He was wanting his "deferred" emails to re-appear at the time when he defers them (but appropriately within the abyss of his inbox).

Example: message is received today (tuesday), deferred for two days (thursday afternoon). 1500 emails arrive. Message re-appears in two days >> back down below those 1500 emails. What is the best way to find it? I mistakenly assumed it would show up (more or less) as a new email at the moment it's pushed back to the inbox. I feel now I was wrong to assume (we now where that gets us) this and I don't believe this feature will work for him now.

Please let me know if I have explained this thoroughly or if there are Defer settings that would let it work the way I thought it might. I completely see why it wouldn't work that way, though...

He truly needs a solution to his email overload (other than not opening Outlook).


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Re: Deferred message not showing on date

Postby ClearContext Support » Tue Sep 14, 2010 10:57 pm

Deferred messages show the original received date. We tried changing the received date in an initial beta release, but it was it wasn't immediately obvious that the message was deferred rather than new.
ClearContext Support
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Re: Deferred message not showing on date

Postby deva » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:54 am


He probably needs to make some broader changes re: how he deals w/ email to have any chance at sifting through that load, but re: the specific challenge you mention, here's a suggestion. With that volume, no matter what defer does, the emails are likely to get lost very quickly. And if he has thousands of emails in his inbox, whether a few messages are deferred out of his inbox or stay there probably doesn't matter very much either way. So instead of deferring them, here's a different technique that may be worth trying:

If he adds the Important button to his toolbar, he can click that anytime he notices an important message he wants to mark to come back to later. He can also designate some contacts as VIP contacts to have all their emails marked important. Then he can scan his inbox for messages with a red "CC-Important" category tag, or use a view like ClearContext Prioritized by Category to quickly see all his messages marked important.
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