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email to task - existing task

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email to task - existing task

Postby robgriff » Sun May 25, 2008 1:02 pm


I've been using Clear Context for a while, having used various tools including the GTD add in. CC is proving very useful and generally works well.
My mail "workflow" isn't quite working and would appreciate the view of others.

The majority of my work is on relatively small, quite fluid projects. I'm currently trying to work on one outlook task per project in outlook, I use mind manager and msp to plan projects depending on there type and audience. I receive quite a lot of emails, in-between 80 to a hundered a day. I aslo have a lot of projects running probably around 50. the question for me on what is a project is one i'm leaving alone for now, and plan to revisit once i have my workflow's running.

I've just read "total workday control" and some of the methodology in it works well for me, especially the defer to review. and as a result I'd like to continue using outlook task's as an action list, my problem areas is;

This is really useful for me and I've used it for some time, my problem is that I end up with a huge list of tasks often duplicates. The issue ( I think ! ) is that the next action on the email being processed is too assess the impact of this email on existing task or project.
Also the process of emptying my inbox is interrupted as I know an email needs an action but I need to assess it within the contact of existing actions on that project. I suppose I want to assign the email to an existing task \ project and change its properties or dates is some way to alert me to review it.


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Postby deva » Mon May 26, 2008 10:50 am


We're in the process of making a number of enhancements to the Project Dashboard to improve it's usability. Your post brings up a good point about making sure that you don't just convert email overload into task overload. I'll give some thought to the implications of a "one task per project" goal like yours has to the information processing workflow. I suspect that using Defer on some of your messages might be a part of the right solution for you.

Feel free to add additional thoughts in this thread. I'll circle back in a few weeks as we begin to roll out some of the new dashboard functionality.
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