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Extension to automated filing/autoassign

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Extension to automated filing/autoassign

Postby MisterBates » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:41 am

Could I request an extension to autoassign, so that I can autoassign emails that already have a topic into their assigned topic folder.

Why? I regularly send emails asking for feedback on a proposals/designs. I'd like to be able to prefix the subject with "FEEDBACK PLEASE", designate the "collection" topic/folder on send, and have all feedback automatically collected in a single folder that could be unique for each set of feedback requested.

This is similar to the autoassign feature, except that autoassign is currently setup to file to a specific folder (chosen when the rule is setup), rather than to file to the pre-existing topic folder. If there were an action to file to the already assigned topic folder, I'd be set, because I could setup a rule to autoassign items with "FEEDBACK PLEASE" in the subject. Looks like one further option in the "Assign to Topic" list is all that's needed: "<Use assigned topic>". This would have no real effect unless "File immediately" was also checked, at which point if the assigned topic were non-blank it would file the item into the assigned folder!

I realise I can already do this by using unique words in each feedback request and setting up a rule to process those unique words into a new topic/folder, but this would need me to ensure my words are unique and to setup a new rule each time. I could also do it by selecting one of the replies and choosing "Assign Topic", but this also needs manual effort each time I see a reply has been received. I'm after a general mechanism that requires thought only at the time of firing off an email ...

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Re: Extension to automated filing/autoassign

Postby Scott - CC Support » Tue Mar 10, 2009 8:28 am

Thanks for the suggestion. This has not been requested previously, so I have added it to the features wishlist for future consideration.
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