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Feature request: Notes, Contacts, Attachments

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Feature request: Notes, Contacts, Attachments

Postby Anatoly » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:23 am

Hello everybody!
First of all sorry for my terrible English. If something in this post isn’t clear don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are some thoughts about missing things in Clear Context:

1. Notes.
There are three main things about Outlook notes that are missing now.

First of all it would be great to be able to assign Topic not only to tasks or emails but to notes also. I have plenty of notes now where I keep thoughts and ideas about some of the projects but there is no way to organize them BY project.

Then there should be a field Notes in the Dashboard where all thoughts about the project could be arranged. That would give brilliant possibility to organize your thoughts on the project and to review them easily.

And finally it would be great to turn note into task or appointment like it’s done with emails now.

In my mind it works like this:
When we work on the project we all make phone calls to various people and make notes as a result of our discussions, or just fix some thoughts that come to your head. With these features one could open a note by clicking on the Notes field in the Dashboard. The note is created with specific Topic assigned automatically. When you have written your ideas you can keep them like note and use them from time to time (Reference material in terms of GTD) or (if they are actionable) you create a task or an appointment by pressing one key only.

2. Contacts field in the Dashboard

In Contacts field one should be able to add any contact related to the project and not only those that bound to emails. Working on project we collaborate with people either personally or by phone or fax and only with some of them by email. I would like to have a chance to see ALL people involved in the project. That would help a lot.

So the main idea is to edit Contacts field (at least add some of them manually).

3. Attachments field in the Dashboard.

OK that’s one of the most important things I wanted to say.

First of all I think this field should give much more information about the project than it gives now. My regular project contains about 50-100 emails most of which have attachments in them.
So my Attachments field usually is a list of about 100-150 files that are just stored there without any structure or system. Definitely it would be nice to organize these files as a reference material concerning the project. But project reference material is not limited to email attachments.

For example every project we make has a contract and many financial documents that never go through email. Nevertheless they are very important and it’s would be nice to have them at hand when you open Dashboard. This way instead of Attachment field we can get (for example) «Reference documents» field that would contain ALL the documents related to project so you can easily review them.

So as result we would get a list of folders. One of the folders would be Attachments (it would be there as a default folder) and others would be shortcuts to whatever folders you need in you file system (one can add them manually).

And finally some words for developers.
You have probably listened to this podcast - .
David speaks of project management and he mentions that it’s very difficult (but not impossible) to create a system (or a software) that would arrange your all your data either by project or by context. I think you are very close to create such a system but some things (especially notes) are really needed for this. I hope my ideas will help at least a bit. Thank you for your brilliant work.

P.S. I use Clear Context for two months only, so maybe some of my questions 100% verified but still I decided to post them and maybe to find solutions while discussing them with other people who use Clear Context.
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Re: Feature request: Notes, Contacts, Attachments

Postby ClearContext Support » Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:42 pm

Thanks for the detailed feature suggestions. All of these ideas are on our features wish-list and will be considered in future builds as we focus on improving project management capabilities. In particular, segmentation of Contacts by Project is something that we are moving towards in our product planning.
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