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URGENT! Defer Folders Missing under Mailbox

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URGENT! Defer Folders Missing under Mailbox

Postby kab1234 » Thu May 20, 2010 11:11 am

I put a bunch of emails under the defer button yesterday and they didn't show up at 8am today and the folders under the mailbox are not there...Help! I need those emails to finish some work today!
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Re: URGENT! Defer Folders Missing under Mailbox

Postby ClearContext Support » Thu May 20, 2010 5:14 pm


OK, you hit the defer button yesterday and set the defer time to today, correct?

There should be a "ClearContext Deferred" folder in the same place as your project folders. Do you see this folder? Subfolders are created for deferred messages based on what date they have been set to return. Please check those folders for the messages in case another date was accidentally selected.

If you do not see these folders, are you using any other add-ins or synchronizing with other devices that might have deleted the items? If so, please check your deleted items folder.

Is there a chance you did this on another machine that is not synchronizing all its Outlook folders to the one you are on? If so, check that machine and check your Outlook synchronization settings to prevent this from happening.

If none of these things help, please go to the ClearContext->About menu item and hit Email Support and we'll help you figure out what is going on here.
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