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Feedback: Project folder tree display

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Feedback: Project folder tree display

Postby rsworden » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:53 pm

I'm a corporate user evaluating CC Pro. I have dozens of PST files, with about 1400 subfolders. Whenever I use the "Project" folder tree (which I guess is a view into the PST file and subfolder structure), there are a few things that make it difficult to use:

1. Typing to search only searches the subfolder names, not the PST top-level folder names. Often I know the main category where I want to file something, but not the exact subfolder name. Searching should look at all levels.

2. The top-level PST names are not sorted alphabetically, so looking for the right folder is a pain.

3. The entire tree is expanded, which is a pain with a large number of subfolders. Outlook remembers which PSTs and folders have been expanded, and shows them that way whenever you save a message. That way the most commonly-used ones are expanded, and the rarely-used ones are collapsed.

The combination of these three behaviors makes it very tedious to manually file a message when a large number of PSTs and folders exist.

In addition:

4. CC does not seem to be able to save a message into the top level of a PST... it wants to go to a subfolder, which is not always what I want to do.
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Re: Feedback: Project folder tree display

Postby rsworden » Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:09 am

Also, the folder tree display should include a link to create a new folder. Often I decide to file an email or a whole group of new emails (ideally using your Thread feature), but need to file them in a new subfolder in an existing structure. I can't use CC's features to do this, I have to use Outlook's 'Move to File' instead because I can create a folder on the fly with it.
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Re: Feedback: Project folder tree display

Postby ClearContext Support » Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:45 am

Thanks for the feedback. We're aware of these issues when dealing with large numbers of PSTs and deep folder trees and are looking into ways to adress them.

Regarding your last item, right click on the tree to create a new folder.
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