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Topic Assignment Bugs v5.4.3.

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Topic Assignment Bugs v5.4.3.

Postby jasperm » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:03 am

Hi - Finding some situations where topic assignment does not work at all right.
If I forward an email, the topic from the original email is not always assigned to the forward. Sometimes yes, other times it remains unassigned.
Same is true of a reply - sometimes yes, sometimes no.
It appears that if the original had a project on it with a question mark icon that the same topic is not carried over.

In the suggested topic drop down when you go to assign one, the last one used is not necessarily there. You'd think the "most recent" one would be an obvious one to include in the list. This is also true when I'm in the dashboard, on the detail tab and I click the project name - the drop down list does not necessarily include recent ones. So if I'm going back and forth between two projects, the "other one" of the two is not necessarily there as a suggestion. Very unintuitive.

Also - when on the detail tab, if I type a new task into the task pane and hit Enter, the current Project is assigned as a category in brackets, but it is NOT assigned as a Project! So it does not appear in the task list after entering it. (I have sync between projects and categories turned on).

I saw mention in the forums from someone in support that if you doubeclick a context (eg @calls), it will open in details tab and you can then create multiple tasks with that context. However, the list of Projects does not include the contexts since they are categories, not projects. So I'm not sure what I would double-click on.

When I create a new task from the toolbar (not within dashboard), and select a project, as expected that topic/project is automatically assigned as a category as well. However, when I save and reopen the task, only the category was saved, not the project. If I assign it a second time and save, then it sticks.
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Re: Topic Assignment Bugs v5.4.3.

Postby ClearContext Support » Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:42 pm

On an email, if the button icon shows a question mark instead of blue envelope, that means it is a project suggestion and is not actually assigned yet. The first time you confirm a project by pressing the button and causing the email to be filed, the project is actually assigned.

When on the detail tab of a project, creating a task should automatically assign the project. Same with selecting a project after creating a task from Outlook. There is something not working correctly in your environment. Please send us an email by going to ClearContext->About and selecting the email support button. This will allow us to get some details of your configuration.

To set the dashboard to view by context category, in the top of the dashboard towards the right side, press the down arrow to see the various options to view by project or category. The text by the down arrow likely shows the default of "Active"
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