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Known add-in conflicts

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Known add-in conflicts

Postby ClearContext Support » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:24 pm

ClearContext follows Microsoft's recommended practices for Outlook add-in development to ensure that the product works with the widest range of third party Outlook add-ins. That said, we do find issues with certain add-ins from time to time. See the list below for known issues and workarounds where available.

A comprehensive troubleshooting guide is available here.

  • Apple iCloud Addin - interferes with 3rd party Ribbon controls in the Appointments. ClearContext v6.1 and newer incorporates a workaround to avoid this problem. If iCloud is not being used Outlook, it is recommended to disable the iCloud Outlook Addin.
  • Apple iTunes and Outlook Change Notifier Addin - both of these add-ins have been reported to cause Outlook issues, regardless of what other add-ins you have installed. If you aren't synchronizing an Apple device to your Outlook calendar, you should disable. FYI - there have been recent reports that the iTunes add-in causes the ClearContext ribbon to cease loading in open messages.
  • Avast - conflicts and/or performance issues may result when running Avast.
  • Adobe PDF Professional - if your ClearContext toolbar disappears on open messages, this is likely a conflict with another Outlook add-in. In particular, Adobe PDF Pro overwrites other add-ins toolbars. To resolve, this SlipStick post has instructions to disable the add-in.
  • Salesforce - we tested v3.2 of Salesforce and determined that it had similar problems as Adobe. Details and workarounds available here.
  • WindowBlinds from Stardock - a couple of users have reported display problems in the Dashboard and the Notifications Summary when running this Windows skin. Workaround documented here.
  • Interwoven MailSite - we have not tested this problem in house, but one user has reported that the they could not use MailSite after ClearContext was installed. Please let us know if you experience this issue.
  • Aladdin Add-ins - it has been reported that the Aladdin Outlook Add-ins cause the main Contact tab in the Outlook ribbon to disappear. Disable Aladdin to resolve.
  • HP Ease Archiving Utility - it has been reported that running the HP Easy Archiving Utility and ClearContext at the same time causes the ClearContext toolbar and menu to disappear. Disable the HP add-in to resolve.
  • Nitro Pro - versions of Nitro Pro earlier than may conflict with ClearContext in the ribbon/toolbar
  • SageLamp ZoomIn - has been reported to conflict with the ClearContext ribbon/toolbar
  • Evercontact - has been reported to conflict with filing of original messages for tasks
  • Axway Mailgate SC - has been reported to conflict with the ClearContext ribbon/toolbar
  • Sticky Password - has been reported to cause slow Outlook folder switching

If you suspect that you are experiencing a problem with an Outlook add-in that is not listed, try the following:
This is an especially useful technique when trying to identify the source of performance issues. If you find a direct conflict with another add-in, post information about the issue here so that we can investigate further.

We will update this list as we identify add-ins with issues and/or the problems above are resolved.
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