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Help: Getting Started / GTD

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Help: Getting Started / GTD

Postby cdmelville » Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:46 am


Newbee to CC but an outlook user since the 90's. Looking to replace the GTD Addin by Netcentrics. They are shutting down the app Sept 1st (and it has been dying a slow death for a long while).

CC was recommended and some of what I see, I do like. As I'm trying to like it and get used to it, I am seeing things that concern me. Looking for help or advice here and appreciate any from this group.

Unlike other tools, there is no video support (to speak of). Most are under two minutes and over five years old - and little more than commercials - and not really on topic at all.

The manuals do not speak to to fundamentals, such as defining a project and how to create one or other action-based Getting Started style instructions. Even the GTD forum section is ELEVEN years old since last posting.

Was also looking at IQTELL, which by comparison trips all over itself with tons of getting started help on how their model integrates with and uses Outlook, and works with GTD methodologies. This type of support is the industry norm for a well supported product, not the exception. Unfortunately, it does not work inside the Outlook UI, which CC does. This is a big appeal of CC.

Beyond the two PDFs and really poor videos, are their other getting started resources or advice on using this tool?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Re: Help: Getting Started / GTD

Postby ClearContext Support » Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:45 am

We have the following resources available:

Getting Started:

User Guide:

General Help:

We have discontinued the videos as the feedback we received was that not many people were interested in them. If there are old links to those videos, they are dated and may not be applicable to the current product.

While many users do use ClearContext with GTD and there are some GTD specific features such as support for action/context categories, ClearContext is a general purpose email organizational product that supports non-methodology users as well as those that may use GTD or TWC/MYN. The PDF white paper it sounds like you already found are tips on implementing GTD with ClearContext and not necessarily a full instruction guide. We recommend starting with our Getting Started tutorials first.
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