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No important contacts found after setup/contact analysis

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No important contacts found after setup/contact analysis

Postby brad » Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:52 pm

If ClearContext does not find important contacts during setup/contact analysis, you may need to provide further configuration information to the program:

1. Go to ClearContext > Options > Identity.
2. Detected email addresses lists all of the email addresses that IMS found for you. If you receive email at an address that is not listed, add it to the alias section of Identity.
3. Exit the Identity screen and re-run Contact Analysis.

If important contacts are still not found, Exchange users may need to take these extra steps:

1. Select Tools > Send/Receive > Download Address Book, check "Download changes since last send/receive," press the radio button next to "Full Details," and hit OK.
2. When this process is complete, restart Outlook.
3. Open ClearContext > Options > Identity.
4. Enter any corporate email address that you use under aliases (i.e.
5. Exit the Identity dialog and re-run Contact Analysis.
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