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Public Folder Filing

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Public Folder Filing

Postby blueivy » Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:52 am

I have a customer who has a particular situation they are trying to solve and I think that ClearContext will help them out.

They have a number of case files that are stored as a simple folder on the server. They keep everything related to the case / client in this folder. Now that they are using email more and more to communicate with clients, they are now finding it a problem to each time save the email as an EML file in the case file. They need everybody to see the case files (it's a small office) so leaving the emails in the inbox or even a folder in the mailbox isn't any good. Copying them to a public folder is my thoughts, however I feel that ClearContext would make it easier.

My thoughts is that ClearContext could allow filing of the messages based on either email address or thread to particular case folder in an Exchange Public Folder. This would make it easier on the client than saving them individually. They can always archive off them message from the Public Folder after 6 months or so.

I did setup ClearContext with a secondary message store but nothing appeared in the Topic select. I wasn't entirely sure of screwing up my own installation so I didn't go any further so no real testing has been done to see if this will work. Hence my message here.

Suggestions? Ideas? Anything?
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Postby brad » Sat Jul 28, 2007 7:55 pm

First, see our User Guide on shared filing.

To answer your question, yes IMS can file directly to public folders. Set up as described above and all available Exchange folders should appear in the Topic drop down. They appear underneath the local folders list, so if you have a lot of Topic folders you may need to scroll down to see the pubic folders in the Topic list.

If you do not see the folders listed, please do three things:
1) Ensure that you are running v3.1.1 via ClearContext > About. If not, please upgrade.
2) Take a screen print of your configuration screen showing Public Folders listed as a secondary data store. Also take a screen print of your Public Folders list.
3) From the About screen, press Email Support and send the data in that email and the screen prints to us. Please reference this thread when doing so.

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