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Can no longer archive Inbox

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Can no longer archive Inbox

Postby snsok » Wed Nov 02, 2005 4:44 pm

I just installed ClearContext on a business laptop-- WinXP, Outlook 2002 SP3, Windows network, Outlook Exchange server

ClearContext is working fine. However, since I installed it, I cannot archive my Inbox. I was able to archive the Sent folder with no problem.

When I tried to archive the Inbox by archiving messages older than 8/1/2005, the archiving icon showed up for about 15 seconds, stopped, but no messages were archived.

I didn't see anything about ClearContext interfering with Inbox archiving. I did see one message about archiving the Sent folder.

My performance with Clearcontext was sluggish because I had 5000 messages in my inbox. It took ClearContext about 4 hours to work through that list and assign colors, etc.



(sorry if this is a duplicate message. I may have accidentally sent a first version of this message by mistake.)
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Postby brad » Wed Nov 02, 2005 5:43 pm

Stan - thanks for taking the time to send this in. I just tested the archive behavior you describe and was able to replicate it, but it's not as bad as you might think.

When ClearContext scores a message, we append metadata to it to note the thread id, message score, topic name, etc.. This changes the message modified date. It appears that Outlook archive by date looks at the modified date to determine which messages can be archived. In your case, the messages in your inbox were modified when you installed ClearContext. When you ran archiving there were no messages in the inbox with a modified date older than 8/1, so no messages were moved into the archive folder.

This is a setup problem, rather than a permanent condition. Going forward, ClearContext only appends data to messages as they are received and when you assign individual priorities or topics. In theory, most of your changes will be around the time that you receive the message, so, going forward archive should work as expected.

I apologize is this is an inconvenience for you. We were not aware of the issue until you reported it, and we will be updating our website accordingly. I would suggest that, as a workaround, you sort your inbox by date and manually move messages from the inbox into your archive folder until your archive date is later than your original setup date.

As for the length of time it took to run the initial scoring, we are aware of the issue on very large inboxes. In our next major release, we will be significantly increasing the performance of the prioritization process, mitigating this issue. Going forward, unless you adjust ClearContext's scoring parameters, ClearContext will only need to score new messages - so you shouldn't see this delay again in the current product. For more detail on our next release, please see this post.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention. Please let me know if you require further assistance.
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