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hosted Exchange Server 2007 w Outlook 2007

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hosted Exchange Server 2007 w Outlook 2007

Postby Ron » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:53 am

Laptop running XP Home with all upgrades. Outlook 2007 Pro with BCM. CC 4.0.3
- was using POP to import company emails (Exchange Server not available) over internet
- now using hosted Exchange Server 2007 from (emails are coming through ok)
Smartphone with Windows Mobile 6 and Outlook. Activesync push from OWA of the server.

I used an Outlook 2007 setup tool (from to configure Outlook 2007 on the laptop. It worked fine but it only setup limited versions of CC pst folders. So I added the complete CC Inbox to the Mail Folders. Now I have the Exchange Inbox with limited CC and no Rules that I had setup.

How do I get the Exchange Inbox to use CC with all my existing Laptop Topics folders and rules?

I guess I need the CC Topics to reside on the hosted Server but will they automatically be there once I get them in the Exchange Inbox.

I decided to pay for the hosted Exchange to eliminate lots of spam that came from my company server (instead of using Norton Spamfilter after the spam is in the inbox. I also did it so I can take full advantage of Outlook 07 and Mobile 06, including out-of-office.

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Postby ClearContext Support » Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:04 pm


I'm not sure that I completely understand your setup, so bear with me while I provide an explanation of how Topics work.

IMS populates the Topics list by reading all sub-folders of the ClearContext Topics Folder. By default, that folder is the Inbox of your primary mail file, so all sub-folders of the Inbox should appear as Topics in the Topic list. To verify the location of your ClearContext Topic Folder, go to ClearContext > Options > Configuration.

To transfer Topics from one setup to another, copy your Topic folders from your old mail file to your new one and make sure that IMS is using that new mail file as your Topic Folder location.

Does this help? More detail can be found in our User Guide. In particular, watch the Topic Folder conversion tutorial at the bottom of that page.
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Postby Ron » Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:46 pm

I will try to explain more clearly since I have not yet found the answer in the tutorials etc.

Pre-Exchange installation:
In the INBOX, I had 9 months of ClearContext Topics/subtopic/subtopic folders with emails.

Post Exchange condition:
In the INBOX, there are only a few of the many CC Topic folders.

1. Where do I find the pre Exchange PST folders with all the CC Topics?

2. How do I move or copy those pre Exchange CC Topic folders and their contents into the active INBOX in Outlook 2007?

If I had an IT helpdesk available on the phone, it would probably not be that difficult. However, in a home office with no IT, it is more difficult for me to resolve.

Thanks for the support of an awesome product.

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Postby brad » Fri Apr 04, 2008 8:25 am

IMS reads you root Topic folder to load your Topic list. By default your Inbox is your root Topic folder, so all sub-folders of the Inbox are considered Topics.

To move these Topics from one environment to another, copy all of your folders from the Inbox on the old mail file to the Inbox on the new mail file.

I can't directly answer your questions because I didn't set up your new environment, but what you want to do is a) find your original mail file and open it in Outlook (via File > Open > Outlook Data File) and b) copy all of your folders from that mail file to the new Exchange setup.
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