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Outlook GAL

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Outlook GAL

Postby MarcT » Thu Sep 09, 2004 5:29 am


as ClearContext is using the contacts-priority to calculate the message importance, all the contacts you have need to be in your Outlook Contacts.

In a company, this is not very convenient, as most of the contacts are already in the Outlook GAL (Global Address List). Until now, I added those company contacts to my Outlook contacts... Am I missing something or is this a feature which can be added in the future?

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ClearContext GAL Integration

Postby brad » Sat Sep 11, 2004 2:56 pm

Here's how ClearContext currently utilizes the Global Address List in Exchange:

1. On setup, we analyze email history and prioritize your contacts based on email volume. Any important contacts that are found in email history, but not in your personal Contacts list are extracted and placed in the ClearContext Contacts folder. This inlcudes users who exist in your Global Address book, but not in your local contacts. For example, if you communicate a great deal with your Supervisor, and his contact information is only contained within the Global Address book, after CC setup, his contact information will appear in the ClearContext Contacts folder with a High or Very High Priority assigned to the record.

2. In regular use, as email is received, we look at the Global Address Book to determine if the message comes from a known sender. So, when a new email is received, first we look in the Personal Contacts folders to see if the sender exists. If not, we then look to the Global Address List. This ensures that all senders within your global address book gain priority over messages coming from a completely unknown sender.

If there is a user in the Global Address Book that you would like to adjust priority for, you are correct in assuming that the way to handle this is to make a copy of that Contact in your personal address book and adjust the priority there.

We are investigating alternative ways to handle GAL contacts for future releases, but at this time I am unable to say what that would look like or give a timeframe for implementation.
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