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GTD Thought and SUGGESTION: Delete thread and File thread

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GTD Thought and SUGGESTION: Delete thread and File thread

Postby bgreenhouse » Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:00 pm

Hi There

Trying the demo of CC to implement GTD in my Outlook. I like the concepts, but I feel like it's a bit of a hack to get it to work right. Mapping the projects to topics is a bit problematic (as I'm sure some have figured out) since it ends up being a temporary filing solution. Once the "project" (a complex task according to GTD) is done, the file should go into a reference or long-term filing system (otherwise your project - topic - list wouldn't be current).

Which brings me to my first suggestion. A "file thread" button that would allow you to file a thread to a reference folder (i.e. not a "topic"/GTD project). I can do it now manually, but I lose the ability to do the whole thread, which is part of why I would buy CC Pro. I have thought about setting up a special topic that I would call "FILE", send stuff I wanted to file there as a thread and then select all and move it, but then my project list is all out of wack, so I don't like that so much.

Similarly with delete. If I want to clean out my inbox and delete a thread, I can't do it all at once unless I view by subject, select all, etc. That kind of functionality is why I would buy CC in the first place. I could do the same and set up a "delete" topic, but that once again would mess up the GTD projects list.
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Re: GTD Thought and SUGGESTION: Delete thread and File thread

Postby Scott - CC Support » Mon Jan 19, 2009 10:34 am

Thanks for your feedback.

We plan to implement a formal Topic archiving system in a future release. In the near term, ClearContext builds it's Topic list by scanning your mail file for folders. To remove Topics from the list, move the associated Topic folder out of your primary mail file to a secondary mail file.

Thread Delete has been suggested in the past and is on our features list for future consideration.

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