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Troubleshooting Startup Issues

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:17 pm
by ClearContext Support
If v5.1 is slow and/or hanging at startup, confirm that you your system meets our system requirements. If it does, follow these steps to isolate/resolve the issue.

  1. Disable the Dashboard sidebar - if this fixes the issue:
    • Review your tasks and appointments and clear any items that you no longer need
    • Run SCANPST against your primary mail file (step #1)
    • In the folder view of Outlook, right click Tasks, select Properties and press "Clear Offline Items" to remove locally stored items. 2010 users should select Update Folder from the Send/Receive tab. 2007 and earlier users should run SCANOST against their mail file. Repeat for Appointments.
  2. If the splash screen is hanging:
    • Right click the Outlook icon in the Windows Systray (lower right hand corner) and select Cancel Server Request. If Outlook responds:
      • Ensure that the connection to your Exchange server is stable
      • Add your Exchange Server IP address to your hosts file
    • If that doesn't fix the issue, ClearContext may be hanging as it tries to load your mail files. Close all archive mail files and/or run SCANPST against all open mail files to repair.

Finally, if none of the above help, create a new profile in Outlook. Detailed instructions are available in step #3 here.