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ClearContext v1.1.3 Available

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2005 5:33 pm
by brad
We have released ClearContext v1.1.3. This maintenance release contains the following fixes:

1. Resolves ResolveEmailAddressFromAB: HrQueryAllRows failed error for very large Exchange address books.
2. Eliminates a small memory leak under certain scenarios when assigning a topic.
3. Eliminates error message related to interaction between PGP Desktop 9.0, Plaxo, and ClearContext.
4. Fixes the cut and paste logo issue in Outlook 2000.
5. Eliminates Group By Week Daylight Savings Time mis-labeling.
6. Suppresses harmless analyze contacts/ setup error message.

This is an optional upgrade - if you aren't experiencing one of these issues we suggest you wait to upgrade earlier versions of the product until the next release.

To download, please see .