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ClearContext v2.0.4 Available

PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:19 pm
by brad
We have just posted ClearContext v2.0.4 for download. v2.0.4 is a maintenance release that addresses the following:
    1. Eliminated a Daylight Savings Time bug that caused dates to display incorrectly in the ActionView and RelatedView
    2. Detected email addresses now looks in multiple places to find Exchange addresses
    3. Detected email addresses now finds Office 2007 addresses
    4. Follow-up completion now updates the % complete and completion date
    5. Eliminated a bug in open items that caused multiple toolbars to appear when using arrows to view next/previous items

We also implemented several other miscellaneous minor fixes. Download at .

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 1:07 pm
by tdroz
Does 2.0.4 work with Outlook 2007 beta v12.0.3820.1002?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:14 pm
by brad
We don't officially support Outlook 2007. That said, we have a number of customers who are using the product with the beta. There are a few minor quirks, but there have been no reports of major compatibility issues with the current beta release. Please recognize that Office 2007 is still in beta and, as such, there is always a risk in trying any product in pre-release.

For more detail on our Office 2007 plans, see this forum post:

If you or anyone reading this forum decides to try ClearContext on Office 2007, please let me know how it works out.