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Manually Set Priority and the Analyze Contact Function

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2004 1:24 pm
by brad
Both during setup and when running the "Analyze Contacts" function in ClearContext, the program displays a list of your most important contacts, ranked according to volume, and assigns this rank to contacts within the address book. This list does NOT take into account user adjusted priorities and may confuse some users.

During regular use of the application, it is expected that the user will manually adjust priority on indiividual contacts to further refine the application's contact prioritization. Manually set priorities are not touched when running contact analysis, so after changing a ClearContext generated contact priority of "Very High" to a manual priority of "Junk," that "Junk" value will be retained even after re-running setup and/or contact analysis. However, the ranked list of contacts displayed during contact analysis does not reflect these manual priorities. In our example above, the contact set to "Junk" will still appear in this list as a very important contact, but ultimately it's value will remain set to the user's defined value of "Junk."