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Flatten Project Nesting Personal and Professional folders

PostPosted: Sun May 13, 2012 2:25 pm
by psale
I'm running CC V6, Outlook 2010 and Windows 7. I upgraded to version 6 from 5.4, from 5.1 from 4.x.
My CC came with following default folders:
    ClearContext Autofiled
    ClearContext Deferred
    ClearContext IMS
    ClearContext Metrics
    ClearContext Topics ("topics" is from my CC 4.x days, and I would like to rename it to "Projects", if I keep the folder at all)
I have nested all my different "project" folders under my "ClearContext Topics" folder. I would like to flatten out my "project folder" nesting from "Inbox/ClearContext Topics/Real Estate/2115#406" or "Inbox/ClearContext Topics/Real Estate/2115#406" to, say, "Inbox/2115#406", "Inbox/3019third#405", "inbox/reference", "inbox/Software Vendors", "inbox/Internet Vendors", "inbox/Misc Vendors" or "inbox/personal", etc. Does doing this make sense (I know that "reference" isn't really a project), and can I do this with CC v6?

Also, right this minute, all my business and professional emails are filed away in just one rather large PST file (~3GB). Perhaps it makes sense to split this single large PST into two smaller PST files, one for professional and a second for personal. Does CC v6 autofile support this sort of configuration?

Re: Flatten Project Nesting Personal and Professional folder

PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 9:22 am
by ClearContext Support
If your ClearContext IMS and Metrics folders are empty, you can delete them. Those are no longer used with recent versions of ClearContext.

Assuming your ClearContext Folder Root is set to "ClearContext Topics" so that a folder like "Inbox/ClearContext Topics/personal" is displayed within ClearContext as the Project "personal", it should be straight forward to reorganize your folder structure.

First, go to your ClearContext Options and the set the "Root Folder for Filing and Projects" from "Clearcontext Topics" to the new root you would like to use - "Inbox" in the example you used. Then, from Outlook drag all your folders from "ClearContext Topics" into "Inbox", and everything should work as it did before but with the new folder structure.

Using the Inbox as the root for filing is a common configuration and seems to work well for most users. The default for a new installation in recent versions is to use the folder "/" as the root for filing, but since you are used to a common root folder for filing, Inbox may be a better choice for you.

It is probably a good idea to keep your PST files under 2gb in size. However, the AutoFile feature can only file to one of your mail files. You may want consider dedicating a PST file just for AutoFile since those folders are distinct from the regular ClearContext filing folders anyways.