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ClearContext/Outlook 100% repro crash

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 12:08 pm
by ianjirka
This happens for me with Outlook 2010 and 2013. Even after starting with a clean machine.

The crash occurs in one of two situations:
1) Responding to a calendar item with 'propose new time'
2) Moving from the calendar to mail views.

I like CC, and would love to buy it, but not with it crashing this consistently.

I have a dump file if you want to look at it -- below is the stack trace (missing symbols -- not very useful. Just to show CC is at the top of the stack)

Thanks much,


0:000:x86> kb
ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
003df488 1003927c 18213028 71cf3328 003df568 clearmail!DllUnregisterServer+0x2d02d3
003df4d0 10245649 003df5a0 00000000 103f1018 clearmail!DllUnregisterServer+0x26a6c
003df64c 10244bf6 003df670 0eeb7938 00000014 clearmail!DllUnregisterServer+0x232e39
003df840 10244272 09f59a98 0b544b60 00000000 clearmail!DllUnregisterServer+0x2323e6
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for OLMAPI32.dll -
003df8dc 71d1abd2 09f59a98 00000001 003df8f0 clearmail!DllUnregisterServer+0x231a62
003df9c4 71d1aafb 03170d3c 034b01bc 09f59a98 OLMAPI32!FOpenImpersonationToken+0x1e8
003dfa60 71d0a39c 0317b740 03170d3c 034b01bc OLMAPI32!FOpenImpersonationToken+0x111
003dfa80 71cf7084 034af8ac 00000000 53b3fa55 OLMAPI32!HrNotify+0x194
003dfabc 761e77d8 00060620 0000c2d6 034af8ac OLMAPI32!SzGPrev+0xb84

Re: ClearContext/Outlook 100% repro crash

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:07 pm
by ClearContext Support
Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems. We will follow up with you via the email you sent us.