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CC AutoAssign Rules vs Outlook 2013 Server Side Rules

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:12 pm
by chlinthi
I'm a new user of Clear Context, please excuse me if this topic has been covered already ...

I have a lot of Outlook server side based rules that I have already defined which help auto-file emails as they enter my inbox into certain subfolders within my server based Inbox or in local Personal Folders.

With similar autoassignment and filing capabilities of Clear Context can some people share their thoughts on which model they prefer and state the advantages and disadvantages to each approach to help me decide which usage case to adopt now?

If I use the Outlook based rules to auto-file emails out of my inbox does that number of associated emails get reflected in the incoming count of emails from the perspective of the indicator of number of received emails in a day from Clear Context?



Re: CC AutoAssign Rules vs Outlook 2013 Server Side Rules

PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:50 am
by ClearContext Support
The AutoAssign feature was originally conceived to support the automatic assignment of Projects to messages so that messages would automatically get the Projects pre-assigned as they came in the Inbox. Optionally, the rules could also be set to file the message immediately. We're finding that users are actually using AutoAssign as more of general auto filing feature.

The AutoFile feature is intended to be the next generation of this capability, featuring built in rules, a more graphical interface and daily status reporting of what was filed. Currently AutoFile is geared to filing bulk emails to the ClearContext AutoFiled folder and only uses the sender as a rule parameter. In the next version, AutoFile will gain most of the rule and filing destination capabilities of AutoAssign, and AutoAssign will be deprecated.

You can continue to use your server side rules with ClearContext. If you want ClearContext to recognize that those messages should be assigned to ClearContext Projects as they are filed by the server, you can go to the ClearContext->Options->Project Options screen and set the options under "When messages are moved to a Project Folder". The messages moved by the server side rules, however, will not be counted in the ClearContext message stats, as only messages that are seen in the Inbox within Outlook are counted by ClearContext.