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PostPosted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:05 am
by fremington
Been using the product a couple of months and its working out for me overall, dragging me away from my long term GTD programme to the extent of paying as trial ended. I've a few suggestions in the process though. Apologies if I'm suggesting something that is there already and I'm missing...
1. Hierarchical project viewing: In the organiser, project screen, I get lost in the very 'flat' presentation of projects and visibility of all tasks. I'd really like to be able to collapse projects, so tasks are not visible: and to be able to contract projects so sub-projects are not visible, at multiple levels. It'd be good to be able to set a default view, so that it starts off with everything collapsed. And to be able to collapse or expand everything with a simple toggle button.
It would also be good to have the same hierarchical viewing options in the dashboard, I get similarly lost there.
This is I think the key solution to the difficulty I have with the programme, which is the relative difficulty of doing a thorough but easy weekly review involving a bit of strategic thinking about projects rather than focusing on lists of tasks.
2. More functions on different organiser screens: in the organiser, it'd be good to have buttons for more functions on each screen - I like that tasks are ordered differently on the different screens, but why can't I batch change dates for multiple tasks in a project while looking at it in the project screen? (useful part of work flow after creating multiple tasks in a project using the dashboard)
3. Create task function in organiser/project screen: I find myself wanting to create tasks while in a project in the organiser screen - I know I can go to the dashboard and batch add, or hit ctrl-shift-k to generate an outlook task, but it'd be good to have the additional functionality in the organiser.
4. Ability to link to onenote pages from the project notes in dashboard detail view - so that tasks can usefully link with goals and timelines etc (missing the ability to link through to goals from my previous GTD programme)
5. No idea if it'd be possible, but it'd be great to have a customised priority option list - high normal and low doesn't do it for me. I really like using must, should, would, could, but can imagine that's a bit individual.. Having them user customisable would be great.

More minor glitches/suggestions:
1. When I create tasks from onenote, I don't get asked to file it by CC -minor irritation but if its easy to fix?
2. It'd be great if undo (ctrl-z) worked to 'undo' CC archiving/labelling - the ease of filing means its easy to mis-file, and clicking through to CC/message/undo filing command takes longer than hitting ctrl-z
3. Given that outlook does mail, calendar and tasks, its not unusual for me to open different bits of the application (2013 on win 8.1) in multiple windows. Often, CC only works in the first window. Its not difficult to cope with, but it'd be nice if it didn't need coping with (ie CC was active in all windows)

Re: Suggestions

PostPosted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 4:35 pm
by ClearContext Support
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. We'll be sure to pass it along to the product team.

A few comments:
Q2 - many of the Organizer actions are available by selecting an item and right clicking, regardless of which organizing mode youare viewing.
Q3 - right above the first task in the Organizer is a line dedicated to entering new tasks in. Look for the text "Click here to add task"
Q5 - we use only low/high priorities for Tasks because that is what Outlook natively supports. This allows one to potentially view these priority fields on other email clients such as a phone or the online Exchange web interface.

part 2
Q1 - if Outlook is not already open, and another program causes an Outlook window to open, ClearContext does not get loaded. If this is what you are seeing, we don't currently have a solution for that.
Q2 - the undo shortcut for ClearContext is alt-u.