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Bug: Dashboard doesn't update when assigning multiple tasks

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:06 pm
by mscottforbes

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create two tasks.
2. Open the Dashboard's Overview tab and display "Projects" in the top part of the window.
3. Open the Organizer.
4. Select the two tasks by shift-clicking or control-clicking.
5. Right-click and select "Assign Project."
6. Change the assignment of both projects.

Expected result:

The Dashboard numbers should update to show that both tasks have changed projects. For example, if the two tasks were moved from Project1 to Project2 (and Project1 and Project 2 were otherwise empty), then the Dashboard should change from

Project1: 2 tasks
Project2: 0 tasks


Project1: 0 tasks
Project2: 2 tasks

Actual result:

The Dashboard numbers only update to show that one task changed projects, and the display remains incorrect until the user takes an action that causes the Dashboard to refresh/redraw. That is, after the user moves two tasks from Project1 to Project2, the Overview tab displays

Project1: 1 task
Project2: 1 task

...until the user switches tabs, closes and reopens the Dashboard, etc. This only occurs if the user shift-clicks or control-clicks to select multiple projects, and then assigns them all at once.

Re: Bug: Dashboard doesn't update when assigning multiple ta

PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:35 am
by ClearContext Support
Hi, we tried your steps to reproduce as well as a few other permutations and couldn't reproduce the problem. Can you go to the ClearContext->Help screen in Outlook and click the link to support so that we can take a closer look at how your Outlook is set up?