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Outlook crashes when loading CC, cannot re-enable [RESOLVED]

PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:50 pm
by bjp1
I have been using the trial version of CC, and registered today. However, I'm unable to load CC, when reenabled it crashes Outlook. I receive the same error:

"Outlook experienced a serious error the last time the add-in clearcontent' was opened. Would you like to disable this add?

To reactivate this add-in, click About Microsoft Office Outlook on the Help menu, and then click Disabled Items"

I repeat this reactivation, and the crash repeats as well.

WinXP Professional V2002 SP2
Office Outlook 2003 (11.8010.8107) SP2 - Exchange account
Taskline, InfoTriever add-ins installed

Please advise how to resolve.


PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 3:59 pm
by brad
ClearContext was running previously? Did the problem start occurring after a re-install or an upgrade? Have you recently changed the location of your ClearContext Topic folders?

Please send your clearcontext.log file to support at clearcontext dot com, located here:

C:\Documents and Settings\{USER NAME}\Local Settings\Application Data\ClearContext\ClearContext Information Management System\Logs, where {USER NAME} is the local user name that you use to log onto the computer.

I'll take a look at that. In the meantime, try the following:

1. Try rebooting, then re-enabling ClearContext via disabled items - does this have an impact?
2. If this doesn't help, try running SCANPST (or OST if on Exchange) against your mail file. Instructions are here.
3. Finally, if that doesn't help, try running Help > Detect & Repair. You may be asked for your Office install CD's.

Please let me know if any of these help. Thanks for your patience as we track down the issue.